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The boys are sick this morning, but Z insisted on going to school anyway... I pick him up for a Dr. visit this afternoon. W has already picked up E to take him to his appointment. Yay for parenting...

So here's the meme-thing aedynn tagged me on:

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Beer So many empty calories, so little time...
Literary: Procrastination I blow off way too many opportunites for both reading and writing...
Audiovisual: Chronicles of Riddick Alexa Davalos' chin (well, all of her, actually) and Thandie Newton all goth'd out... plus lots of murder and mayhem. Turn off the brain and be entertained.
Musical: Hip Hop Somehow, the oldest boy has become enamoured with it, and I'll listen with him sometimes just to be an involved parent... then I suddenly catch myself actually enjoying a song here and there. Scary.
Celebrity: Keanu Reeves He can't act, but somehow I still end up liking his characters...

Now I tag:-

m1yuk1chan lilies_and_pan pxdick 9thmoon and machiavelli_f

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

(it's just fill in the blank so it can generate the table for you)
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