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Letter to the editor?

As a software engineer with two children in the public school system in Texas, I'm naturally concerned by the obvious Creationist leanings of many of the members of our State Board of Education.  As our elected board members begin the process of redesigning the science curriculum for our children, we as citizens and voters have a responsibility to make sure they are providing a curriculum that will adequately prepare our children to take part in the world of the future.

That world of the future has grown even more scientific as I'm writing this, and will continue to do so even as our children lag farther and farther behind.  Part of the reason our science education has slipped so far so fast is the constant rehashing of the "Evolution vs. Creationism" debate. 

Despite the colossal amounts of time and money that those who would have you believe otherwise have devoted to the issue, these ideas are not mutually exclusive.  It's perfectly reasonable for a scientist (or a student of science) to believe that the Christian God established the rules that govern the universe.  One of these rules is what we call evolution. 

Getting humanity and all the other species on earth to appear from nothing would be no big trick for the omnipotent God of the Bible.  And what measure of time would such a being call a 'day'?  Perhaps, in God's eyes, we as a race are just a few days old.  There is no way for man to know the mind of God.  Our tiny little brains couldn't handle all that information.  

So we do what we can.  We try to understand the universe that God has laid out before us, and in that understanding we must forgo matters of faith and rely upon only what can clearly be established as fact.  Let's be sure that our State Board of Education sticks to the facts when they decide how to educate our children about science. 

"Intelligent Design" and "Creationism" have no place in the Biology classroom alongside the scientific fact of evolution.  Those who support such notions would have you believe that there is a great debate among scientists about whether or not evolution even occurs, but there is not.  Even the humblest of farmers knows enough about genetics to watch evolution as it happens.

Let's keep the theories about the origins of the universe in the classrooms they belong in -- Comparative Religion and other classes that deal with Cosmology (as theories of how the universe came to be) -- and keep them out of the Biology classroom where they just confuse matters and give us students who are unprepared to live and work in the world they are going to inherit from us. 

It's our responsibility as parents and voters to make sure that our children are getting the education they need to succeed in the world of tomorrow.  If the current State Board of Education can not be convinced to provide that, then it will be up to us to replace them and form a new one that will.  Please take the time to make this perfectly clear to your representative on the board before our children fall even farther behind.

-John Leonard
Nevada, TX
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