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daddio914's Journal

14 September 1969
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Contrary to the pseudo-humility that people generally like to put in these things, I actually like talking about myself. I'm a challenging person. I challenge authority to control me. I challenge stereotypes, mores, tradition for the sake of tradition (a.k.a. RELIGION), and pollitical correctness. I'm a walking, talking philosophical sex-pot. I'm both liberal (bordering on Socialist) and libertarian, and I practice my own brand of spirituality. I only post when I feel like it, and I don't call my aquaintances friends. Most of the time, I even like myself this way. 5/4/2005 (edit 9/18/2006)

All the normal stuff about me is pretty normal. I'm in the process of divorcing my wife and will be keeping custody of our two boys. My polyamorous girlfriend lives with the boys and I, and I work for a small company you've never heard of writing (Windows, C++) computer programs for the direct mail industry. We've got a couple dogs, three cats, and live out in the boonies very near the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. The real details are in the blog, I guess... (added 2/23/2007)

My body may be broken, but I'm still the king of smartassery. (by request, 6/23/2008)

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